Accreditation Compliance Made Smarter w/App


A San Diego based company, has announced the release of a new version of their mobile app

designed to make accreditation compliance simple and efficient.

They have transformed the outdated pen and paper practice of maintaining ambulatory surgery

center logs – such as crash cart inventory, instrument sterilization runs, spore testing

temperature/humidity, and many more. They did so by creating an ingenious app that can be

used on any mobile iOS and Android device.

Using the new version of the application, the surgery center staff can complete all required

logs in a fraction of time. Accuracy and compliance are dramatically improved. They also

supports tracking of medication lists, par levels, suture inventory, which includes automated

reminders to reorder expiring drugs and supplies.

Surgery center administrators can use the intuitive dashboard to monitor completion of tasks

online on a desktop computer. Accrediting surveyors love the product because the entire logs

history is neatly organized and easily viewed right there online. Because the system

centralizes all of your logs safely in the cloud, there are no more worries about storage space

in your center. You can finally say goodbye to binders and clipboards for good!

“[This product] has made my time-consuming, repetitive morning tasks easy, quick and

efficient. Keeping track of supplies and medications in the operating and recovery

rooms is as simple as a quick glance every day. I love that I can use our center’s iPad or

my own iPhone. Looking back over the logs, I can easily keep track of orders placed

with just a click or two. I can’t imagine doing this ever again with notebooks and illegible

handwriting! Thanks!!!!”

-- K. Bynon, Perioperative Registered Nurse

This is not just a more convenient method of maintaining required logs – it saves you time,

money and stress when it comes to accreditation compliance. They are truly accreditation

compliance made smarter.
“We believe that maintaining accreditation logbooks should be swift, nimble and

effortless. Our product is 6 times faster than the traditional pen and paper method,

reducing log times from minutes to mere seconds.”

-- Peter Zajac, PhD, CEO

To learn more about us or to sign up for an account, please contact: Tony Jackson, VP of

Sales, 619-618-0487,