Members Only

Benefit for Members!

Our member facilities can access a ‘members only’ portal of the AASCA website. The goal with creating this area is to allow our members access to important information, communications, and useful forms. If you have any forms you would be willing to share with other members, please send them to We are looking for forms that have been successful through the survey process, like H&Ps, Consent Forms, Logs (short cycle sterlization, QAPI activities, Sequela Monitoring, etc), checklists (generator, safety, cleaning, etc.), and the like. If you would be willing to send them in we can share them with our other members so that we can all quit reinventing the wheel. We are also looking for useful websites to information, companies, and resources that you may have found. Please be sure to remove any identifying content so they can be used by all.

We are excited about these changes, and hope you will find value in them as well. So remember to visit our website, friend us on Facebook, join our LinkedIn group, and follow us on Twitter.

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