Serving ASCs Throughout Arizona

The Arizona Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (“AASCA”) was founded in February 2006 when a group of 13 member Ambulatory Surgery Centers (“ASC”) met in Mesa and determined that forming an Association would be beneficial to all concerned. The very first ASC in the country was formed and opened in 1970 in Phoenix. From its humble beginnings, the Association has grown to become a voice for all ASCs in the Arizona, whether they are members or not.

From children to seniors, patients all across Arizona are embracing the innovation that ambulatory surgery centers are bringing to Arizona. Ambulatory surgery centers are revolutionizing the way that healthcare is delivered to patients in a safe and high-quality manner. ASCs are now performing surgeries that only 30 years ago required lengthy hospital stays and often resulted in long recovery times.

The Association is more than the sum of its members as the synergy from the ASCs working collectively together has provided the impetus for the hosting annual educational workshops and seminars. The exchange of information by and between the members and others attending the meetings has proven to be beneficial to raising the awareness of the issues each ASC faces on a daily and on-going basis.


The Arizona Ambulatory Surgery Center Association recognizes that governmental policy plays a tremendous role in determining the direction of the healthcare industry both at the federal and state level. As a result, AASCA’s counsel and ad hoc committees spend a great amount of time developing appropriate policy recommendations. In turn, they work with policy makers in Phoenix to ensure that ASCs are able to provide the best care possible to patients. This past year saw the Association build a strong and mutual partnership with the AHCCCS program and we were instrumental in the development of the current reimbursement plan used by the State agency to pay for services rendered in all ASCs throughout the state who provide services to AHCCCS beneficiaries.


In order to provide the best care possible to patients, ASCs need to have the latest public policy developments and understand how they will affect their operations. AASCA provides Arizona ASCs with timely public policy information and educational opportunities to learn more about the latest public policy and industry developments. The Association is currently working with our lobbyist on legislation that will preserve and protect our ability as ASCs to continue to provide the high quality, lower cost of care services levels for which ASCs are known.